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Almost all punches and kicks in the WWE are not meant to harm the other person. Punches often stop short and with no follow through. Everyone does their best not to hurt the other person. However, the blows can be real in a few situations.

1). to purposefully cut the opponent. This was more common in the past, but a wrestler who was skilled could punch their opponent in a way that often caused a cut on their forehead. Mick Foley talks about letting opponents do this to him because all the blood made the match look cool. This is done as an alternative to blading.

2). To make a big shot look real, sometimes it needs to be real. Sometimes if it is just one big punch and they know it is something that will get replayed a lot, a wrestler will make contact with their opponent. Is this the hardest punch they can throw? No. But it is still a real punch. Some wrestlers are known for hitting very hard so there matches look good. For example, JBL’s clothesline from Hell was often done with tremendous force.


3). Shoot matches or someone is angry. Sometimes unskilled wrestlers will do something that angers their veteran opponent. Like when Brock lesnar got mad and punched Braun strowman at the royal rumble. Lesnar has a temper and this isn’t uncommon for him.

4). Finally, there are just some things that you can’t fake. For example, if one wrestler jumps off a 20 ft ladder onto another wrestler that is going to hurt. There really isn’t a way for the jumping wrestler to soften the blow to his opponent, in fact in many situations it is the wrestler who is getting landed on that needs to protect his opponent by acting like a cushion. This is especially with moves like Jeff Hardy’s Swanton bomb.

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